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With over 25 years’ experience in timber manufacturing in Australia, Rhombus collaborates with clients to deliver superior design and craftmanship to address any project. Rhombus exists to work with you to get a concept of what you want and how you want it. The Rhombus team are true artists when it comes to working with timber.



Rhombus produces the highest quality builds to fit to clients’ needs and budgets. We strive to push the boundaries of building and design to find new and better ways to come up with timber, glass and building methods that meet today’s continually growing appetite for better design. Simply, we provide a product that best suits our clients’ needs and wants from their bespoke home.

Through our years of design and construction experience we will work with you from the embryonic stages of your project and throughout to achieve your desired outcomes.


Rhombus offers the most advanced and diverse fenestration options in Australia due to their high energy efficiency, functionality and use of natural, ethically-sourced timbers. Open up your world with greater views and keep the energy inside. As well as bespoke new designs, we can restore and retrofit any style of window to re-create your building’s history.


Custom built furniture to suit your needs is constructed from scratch in our workshop by our experienced team. If you have the imagination to create, there is nothing out of timber we can’t do.


The team at Rhombus pay homage to traditional craftmanship where possible. We make post and beam timber frames with traditional draw peg joinery to display the greatness and beauty that is natural timber. When coupled with modern technologies, your house frame may be converted from something to hide into a lived in structural feature.

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Our Building Process

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    A Rhombus Home sits elegantly in the environment and its design reflects and compliments the surrounding landscape. Sites with complications are exciting rather than daunting for us as they inspire our design process and create unique, interesting builds. We solely use trusted products that contribute to the ultimate energy performance and quality made to offer.

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    From initial design consultations we consider elements such as solar energy and site aspect to place the building and plan its footprint. We then look at the connection between all areas of the building to ensure floor space is being used in the most convenient ways to create atmosphere and freedom with harmony and balance.

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    Traditional methods are used alongside cutting-edge machinery to create a compatible and efficient building envelope where materials can flow throughout the building seamlessly. Open palates allow for simplistic but tasteful architecture and design. Finally, we source materials to build this design to the highest standard allowing your dream to come to fruition.

What We Stand For

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we produce.

High Quality

We understand how much of an investment your home is. That’s why we only use trusted, high-quality source materials and make as much as possible from scratch here in our workshop. We are only satisfied when you are.

Tree To Key Solutions

From the location of the growing tree through to the key in the door of your finished product, we use local, ethically sourced materials for every project.

Your Vision = Our Vision

The best time to come to us is at the very beginning so we can assist with achieving a design just right for you. Rhombus Homes recognise and allow for the fact that everyone is different and understand what it is that our clients require from their home.
We provide a holistic method to making your dream a reality, from the initial design stages through to the final touches on your finished build.

Energy Efficiency

Rhombus create highly energy efficient buildings that will save you money, are comfortable to be in and look amazing.

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